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              Intelligent street lamp and solar street lamp are the trend of road lighting in the future

              Datetime: 2017-01-10 12:25:35    View: 827
              City Lighting has always been large power consumption, both at home and abroad have paid great attention to how to ensure the realization of energy saving lighting needs under the premise, the street lamp is the infrastructure of city life in the most extensive radiation, now more and more city street lamps for a large number of LED used for the traditional, with the large-scale expansion of the city, each city street number is more and more.
              Earlier, the city"s LED street lamps are installed in the intelligent single lamp control system, these lamps, each lamp signal are coded, and the installation of information acquisition and control chip. The staff can see the street lighting conditions on the computer, but also remote control of lights, adjust the power switch, etc.. If you encounter Street damage and so on, the system will automatically alarm, and the staff understand the fault information will contact the maintenance personnel.
              Intelligent street lamp and solar street lamp is the trend of road lighting in the future, more and more city street reconstruction and the new installation, are gradually adopted intelligent street lamp, can load the new energy vehicle charging system, intelligent parking management system, monitoring system, convenience, WIFI covers the micro base station and environmental monitoring module, can provide PM2.5, air temperature and humidity the noise, the micro environment for the staff to collect data.
              Intelligent lighting combined with energy conservation type solar streetlights have better for city play important role, the current solar street lamp with 30W, 60W as road lighting mostly by solar panels during the day to night storage, LED road lamp power supply, solar street lamp manufacturers before production according to the characteristics of local climate and rainy weather, do street the lighting scheme is the most suitable for the local.
              Every day can be divided into six periods of load control, intelligent environment monitoring system, automatic power adjustment and brightness, such as winter 18:00-24:00 light, 1:00-2:00 am at 70% 2:00-4:00 in the morning light brightness, etc., according to the season, climate, illumination and special holidays to control global any street lamp, do timely and appropriate lighting.
              Some way a city assumes that there are 1000 60W street lamp lighting 10 hours each day, the annual total solar street lamps can save 219 thousand kwh of electricity, and the whole city lights if using solar lights, truly intelligent control and energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, intelligent street lamp and solar street lighting is the future trend of road lighting.
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